Mar 22, 2013

Cover Me : Maison Martin Margiela

Cover Me : Maison Martin Margiela Fall 2012 Couture

- The new set of illustrations is called 'Cover Me', alluding these particular accessories and the outfits belonging to the same collection. -

There's something about masks in fashion collections that excites me greatly. The contrast between anonymity and personality. I've always wondered how it is to wear some of the creations that have come out in the past few seasons (and as a particularity, I feel curious about the range of vision that the models get when wearing them). A few months ago I illustrated pieces featuring Walter van Bierendonck and Katie Eary, so to continue with my masks in fashion appreciation, I leave you with the first piece of this series.

The couture masks of Maison Martin Margiela left me astonished. I was amazed by the aesthetic of the collection; I loved the way the simplicity of some of the garments was balanced with the somehow baroque masks. The alternative colors used on the some of the other masks gave the outfits even more contrast. You can watch the eerie, yet beautiful collection here.

Mar 5, 2013

Help! Draw a Dot x SixLee x Fashionary

I entered a contest held by Draw a Dot  x SixLee x Fashionary
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