Jun 24, 2013

Moncler Gamme Bleu Spring 2014


I'm not a big fan of sports; however, every Moncler collection makes me wanna be involved in any sport just to have an excuse to wear those clothes. Regardless of practicing a sport or not, the pieces of the collection would look amazing even as separate pieces, considering that white is quite versatile. The blazers look as charming as every Thom Browne creation. And the presentation wouldn't have been complete without the perfect dramatic touch, the black lipstick. I can't wait for the Thom Browne spring collection! Full collection here.

Vivienne Westwood Spring 2014


Neil Barrett Spring 2014


Barret's spring collection was all about halftone checkered patterns, clean lines and silhouettes and quite versatile pieces. I really liked the color palette and the transition between monochrome to stronger contrasts. I can't get enough of those halftone bomber jackets. 

Jun 19, 2013

Soul Voyage Finale


This is the conclusion of my collaboration with Draw a Dot. It was a rather exciting experience to work on this series and I'm glad that you can actually link all the pieces now. If you pay close attention, you can see that the illustration above is a gif, and it depicts the plot of Soul Voyage, which is the dimension leaps! You can read the last part and more about the making of this series on this post at Draw a Dot.

Jun 18, 2013

Alexander McQueen Spring 2014


McQueen's collection has this eerie vibe, almost ghost-like; the color palette reminds me of old clothing, and a bit of bare bones. I can't stop thinking about x-rays and copy machines looking at the faded prints on some of the garments. Most of the pieces look quite elegant with the lacing and the perfect use of patterns and detail. Full collection here.

J. W. Anderson Spring 2014


geometric foldings

Jun 17, 2013

Christopher Kane Spring 2014


Leaving behind the black & white horror nostalgia on the fall collection, Christopher Kane delivers a collection of edgier graphics with an electric color palette. There's an interesting take on the regular shirt, as they added a row of buttons coming down from under the collar all the way to the end of the sleeves. One of the things I like about this collection is that we get a sharp sartorial work, mixed with sportswear and casual clothing. You can watch the entire collection here.

Jun 11, 2013

portrayal : Thomas Azier


Azier is an electro-pop artist from Berlin. I was instantly hooked with his beats and his voice when I first heard his music. His songs are mainly composed of synthesizer beats and strong vocals. He might be a newcomer in the industry, but I think his sharp consolidated style makes him a very promising artist in the electro scene (you can see what I'm talking about on any of his videos). What I like about artist like him is the way they work out a concept, and deliver worthy pieces of work. He has already 2 EPs out and a new single coming out later this month, so be sure to follow his lead.

You can listen to his second EP Hylas 002 below: