May 30, 2013

Soul Voyage VIII

'Valerie has no idea why the clouds brought her here but suddenly, the pond starts to transform into a mirror. When she looks at it, she sees a boy dropping down from a mountain and she wants to rescue him. She uses her hands to touch the mirror surface and immediately her body starts to disappear in this world. When she opens her eyes again, she has realized she is no longer in the forest. Instead, she is now in the bottom of a mountain. Valerie has entered the new dimension and on the floor, she finds a bag pack with the name tag "Lamont" attached to it..."

This is the past piece of Valerie's story, but the Soul Voyage series continues on June.
Stay tuned and follow the story at Draw a Dot too.

May 29, 2013

Soul Voyage VII

"Valerie is not scared at all as she thinks she can live in this place for life. Now she starts to remember what her grandfather said about how this room can transport people to a new dimension. At this moment, strange clouds start to show up in front of her and it seems like they are guiding her to solve this mystery. After some time of walking, they finally arrive at the pond."

Follow the story at Draw a Dot too, the conclusion of the series is near and the mystery between Lamont and Valerie is about the be revealed.

May 23, 2013

Soul Voyage VI

'Valerie uses the key to unlock the door and enters into the room. She is very surprised her grandfather has such a magical room because it is technically a forest. All the plants in this place are glowing and shooting stars are continuously popping up in the sky. She does not understand why her grandfather never brought her to this room as it is so pretty and peaceful. Then, she realizes she has walked too deep into the forest that she can no longer find the door back home.'

May 21, 2013

Soul Voyage V

My collaboration with Marcus Kan, from Draw a Dot, continues with a parallel story. This time inspired by the Louis Vuitton Fall 2013 womenswear collection.

'Not long ago, Valerie's grandfather passed away and he left her with a key to a magical room in his mansion. He never told her what's inside the room, but once warned her that it can transport people to another dimension, and the person can never go back. Now Valerie is in front of the room's door and since the person she loves the most is now dead, she has decided to unlock the mystery.'

May 7, 2013

Met Gala 2013

"I respect a lot of the beauty and intelligence of Rooney. I deliver something that belongs to her skin." 
- Riccardo Tisci


My excitement over the Met Gala doubled when I saw Florence Welch and Rooney Mara. I have a very particular admiration towards their work and their presence. I think the outfits worn by these two muses fit them perfectly, no wonder we see them wearing Givenchy Haute Couture every now an then on the red carpet. Bravo Tisci!