Apr 5, 2013

Soul Voyage II

"After exploring the Kingdom of Bhutan, Lamont has finally arrived at the bottom of the legendary mountain. Snow is falling heavily so he has decided to set up a tent and stay there for a night. Just when he is about to sleep, he notices there are shadows of creatures surrounding his tent. He heads outside and there are 6 monsters resembling snow leopards, waiting for him. Of course, Lamont is in a slightly shocked mode but strangely, there is no sign of these monsters are here to hurt him as they are somehow acting like his guards. Even though Lamont has no idea what is going on here, he now starts to believe this myth actually exists."

As a brief parenthesis, I find the details on this collection quite interesting. The stylization of the snow leopard added an eerie vibe to the collection; I'm obsessed with the sweater.

Stay tuned and follow the story over at Draw a Dot too.

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